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Title: Rorschach
Post by: Rorschach on June 11, 2012, 10:16:50 am

My irl name is Victor.
I got a test week coming so i wont be much on next 2 weeks but after that i got summer vacation (:
So that will be a no life summer :P
I coded and made myself a 317 allstar it went well but took it down because of boredom for rsps.
I also play mw3 and real rs (currently member).
I like rsps without customs so not black santa and purple whip that hit's 60, u won't find me on servers like that ( Player near riality for 3 hours got 63 hit by a purple whip :l )
Well I can maybe code but that's not why i am here in the first place and also not to lick ur ass for staff.
I only coded a 317 idk what kind u have but 317 worked well for me.
I am 13 years old living and grew up in the Netherlands. I am playing video games since I'm 6 then i started playing rs (Veteran account atm )
My english is good but not the best i can talk on server but not pecificly weird and long words. I also speak french because it is a must in school just like German but i will get that next year so i am not really good at it.. Well g2g now to my mom i hope u like this :3
Title: Re: Rorschach
Post by: Jboss on June 11, 2012, 12:06:46 pm
Welcome to Lifescape!

We hope you enjoy your stay here afther your test week.
And you have very nice looking Intro, it was intrestin to read.

hope we see ingame! :)
Title: Re: Rorschach
Post by: 25 2life on June 12, 2012, 02:17:47 pm
Very nice intro.. Nice to have you around  ;D