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Just read it
« on: June 12, 2012, 01:26:15 pm »
This is a guide but not for a certain kind of skill.

1. When u train Attack, Strenght, Defence, Ranged or magic i would say train it on slayer monsters till 99 slayer or the amount of slayerpoints u want. If u have 99 slayer and u have all ur slayerpoints i recommend training on NPC's at Dungeoneering ( ::Dung )

2. Doing godwars as donator ;) for ::bank between kills and 15 kill count with a few clicks. And donating helps the server.

3. U get 2400 xp for burying big bones and 4800 xp for using them on the altar ( Gilded one North of Wise old man and using bones on the other altar's doesn't works )
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